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Dr. Stewart Anderson, Sally Smith, Amy Hope

Our Mission

Welcome to the future of Wellness!

We are a leading edge Holistic Clinic

We offer a safe and nurturing environment for Psychedelic Therapies, Preparation & Integration,, and Holistic Wellness.


Our Services & Programs

We are currently taking Ketamine Patients and Hope to begin the MDMA Assisited-Psychotherapy later this summer.


MDMA Assisted-Psychotherapy

We are an Expanded Access site able to offer treatment to the public under the compassionate Right to Try Law for those who have been diagnosed with treatment resistant PTSD.

We will begin taking applications soon and hope to start in July.

Ketamine Assisted- Psychotherapy

Ketamine when combined with Psychotherapy can be highly effective in treating depression, anxiety and chronic pain according to research . Even in cases of severe depression unresponsive to other medical treatment, ketamine infusions are effective for about ⅔ of patients. Unlike many other conventional therapies, people can have profound relief from their symptoms within hours of ketamine treatment. In addition to depression ketamine treats bipolar disorder, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction and more. 

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

The moment you decide to take a Psychedelic, the integration begins. Preparation and Integration can help make the difference in integrating the lessons from the medicine into your life.  These sacred medicines need to be treated in

Art Fun

Group Therapy

Group Integration circles are a great way to share your experience & process together for a deeper healing of self and community.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are available with with one of our Integrative Therapists. We do have several types You can choose from: Somatic, Breathwork, Sandplay, Regression, Brainspotting, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbs, 

Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a nonverbal way to be able to take the implicit & make it explicit through the use of the arts. Art Therapy helps to grow new neural pathways. It is about the process not the product and helps us to access repressed memories that have not been processed

Insurances Not Accepted At This Time

At this time we currently are not accepting insurance, but we can provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement


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